Spring Skiing: The Perfect Time For Beginners!

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, most people don’t think of heading to the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are winter activities, right? If you’ve ever thought about trying to learn to ski, or teaching someone else, spring skiing is actually be the best time for beginners.

Spring skiing for beginners

Ski Lift Tickets Are Less Expensive

First and foremost, if you’re learning to do an activity for the first time, it’s tougher to justify the cost if you’re not even sure you’ll enjoy it. During spring skiing, lift ticket prices drop by about 10 percent. It’s tough to beat that kind of pricing, especially for beginners who still aren’t sure if skiing is for them. One try and you will be hooked!

For large groups and families, you can get even deeper savings with our special March discounts! Groups of twelve or more can save additional money on lift tickets, equipment rentals, and lessons for beginners. Bring all the beginners in your life and introduce them the joy of skiing. Learning to ski is more fun as a group anyway!

Milder Weather Means Better Skiing Conditions

Who do you think is going to enjoy skiing more: the person who learned during a blizzard with sub-zero temperatures and icy conditions, or the person who started on a sunny, warm day and who took her time on the slower, slushier snow? Nobody likes to be uncomfortable. Learning to ski or snowboard in the dead of winter when conditions are the harshest is not the easiest way to adjust to our awesome sport.

Spring skiing for beginners on soft snow

Spring skiing offers beginners warmer temperatures, longer days, and softer snow. You can learn to ski in comfort without worrying about staying warm. Plus, instead of skiing on ice – which can be quite difficult – the slower, softer spring snow is much easier to learn on. You’ll be able to master the basics now and get a jump start on next season.

Less Stressful Ski Learning Environment

Spring skiing for beginners has plenty of space

Beginners need lots of space to learn and make mistakes. In the spring, there are less people on the slopes, meaning that beginners can take all the time and space they need without having to worry about getting in the way of other skiers and riders. Spring makes for a less stressful learning environment.

Plus, with shorter lines at the lifts, you’ll get more time on the slopes. The more slope time you get, the quicker you learn!

Learning to Ski at Wachusett

Whether you’re thinking about trying your hand at skiing or teaching someone else the joy of hitting the slopes, there’s no better time for learning than spring. With the lower cost, pleasant conditions, and smaller crowds, late-season skiing is perfect for beginners of all ages.

Wachusett Mountain loves beginners! We offer several programs for beginners of all ages, including private and group lessons with trained instructors. No need to buy gear in advance, we offer equipment rentals as well! Our season typically lasts through the beginning of April, so there’s still plenty of time to learn. See you on the slopes!

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