Think Ski Season Is Over? Think Again!

We get it. It’s warming up outside, the snow is melting, and you’re more than ready to switch into “springtime” mode.

But hold on a second! Is the skiing season really over? Wouldn’t it be great if you could squeeze in just a few more spring skiing & riding sessions before the warm weather takes over?

We have great news for you. At Wachusett, the season ain’t over ‘till it’s over – and we have plenty more days of skiing ahead of us!

Warm weather at Wachusett – great for beginners

You might think that the warm weather is a signal that skiing time is over, but really, the spring skiing season is the perfect time to get out on the slopes – especially for beginners!

Spring snowboarding lessons

Here’s the deal. When the weather heats up, the snowpack on the slopes begins to thaw and get slushier than you’ll typically see in the winter. This can make some aspects of skiing – such as cornering – a bit more difficult, but it makes other aspects easier.

For example, warm season snow is softer than deep-winter freeze, meaning that any slips or tumbles will be a little gentler on your body. Compared to fine powder or hard packed snow, it’s sort of like skiing through a sea of cushions. Is there any better way to learn how to ski?

Some of us even prefer warm weather skiing

Spring skiing is good for beginners, but heck – even us experienced mountaineers love skiing in the sun. It’s great to get your skiing fix without needing to brave the cold, and while you’ll still want to bundle up for the morning hours, you’d be surprised at how warm it gets during the day. We recommend dressing in removable layers – you’ll be ready to rock and roll no matter what the weather brings.

And in our experience, warm weather skiing is a bit more palatable to youngsters and those less-than-thrilled about spending hours in the snow. When the sun’s out, the slushy snow is perfect for snow angels, snowball fights, and more. It’s common to see visitors out and about in t-shirts, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen. It’s a completely different mountain experience than you had in the winter, and it’s one we love to share.

Get your pass for the rest of the season

The ski season at Wachusett is still open, so if you want to get a taste of some fun, warm weather outdoors time, get your Rest-Next Season pass and enjoy the slopes until the end of the ski season for free, plus you will be all set for next season!! There’s still time left to get a few runs in! After all, even though the snow may be gone from your backyard, there’s still plenty in ours.

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