Take Your Hockey Skills to the Slopes

Hockey players, do you ever wish that you could see beautiful mountain landscapes rather than just the inside of an arena? What about hitting speeds of 20-30 miles-per-hour and feeling the fresh mountain air against your face? Luckily, the moves you’ve mastered while playing hockey can transfer to other exciting winter sports like skiing. Perhaps it’s time to take your hockey skills to the slopes!

Skills Transfer

Learning an entirely new sport takes time and practice. If you already have a head start, it makes learning that much easier. Many of the skills required for skating can be transferred to the ski slopes. Both sports require balance on two feet and understanding how to properly transfer weight (without falling down).

One of the issues that plagues skiing newbies is endurance. It might just look like gravity is doing all the work, but after a long slope and multiple turns, your legs will be like jelly as you walk into the base lodge for a hot cocoa break. Hockey players know this feeling well and already have the endurance to stay on the slopes longer than the average skier, maybe even longer than some seasoned veterans!

the Hockey Stop

As hockey players know, one of the hardest skating moves for beginners to learn is the hockey stop. It takes a lot of practice (and sometimes faceplants) to learn how to position your blades at the appropriate angle to stop yourself quickly. Well, luckily for hockey players, the hockey stop is used in skiing as well! In fact, it’s used more often. Not only is it used to stop at the bottom of the mountain, but a good hockey stop can also help you turn on the snow.

Plus, what’s cooler than a huge spray of ice after a hockey stop on skates: the spritz of fresh powder you can make on skis.

Two-Way Street

Not only will your hockey skills make you a quick learner when it comes to skiing, but learning how to ski can improve your hockey game as well. Because skiing and hockey use many of the same skills, when you hit the slopes, it’s almost like you’re still practicing your hockey moves. With every hockey stop, turn, and pizza wedge you make, you’re learning more about balance and weight distribution that you can use in your hockey games.

Skiing is also excellent exercise. It works many of the same muscle groups that are used for skating on the ice. It’s like an extreme lower-body workout with scenic views.

Head Up the Mountain

While it still might take a little practice to get the hang of using skis instead of skates, hockey players already have most of the skills necessary to pick up skiing quickly. If you’re looking for an activity that gets you away from the ice rink, head on up the mountain! We offer beginner programs and equipment rentals so you can be hitting the slopes in no time.

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