Technology Matters At Wachusett Mountain!

Wachusett Mountain welcomes our visitors to a new season, a new year, and a new decade! Life moves fast, and thanks to some new technology, life on the mountain moves just a little bit faster.

We like to keep our guests up-to-date and in-the-know when it comes to ski conditions, upcoming events, and mountain improvements. It makes everyone’s visit that much more enjoyable!

In 2019, Wachusett introduced a number of technology upgrades, and we’re hoping the improvements make your days on the mountain bigger and better than ever. Check out what’s new tech-wise for Wachusett.

New Wachusett Ski Area App

Wachusett app

There’s no better way to stay connected on the slopes or plan your visit than with our new mobile app! The Wachusett Ski Area app was designed with guests in mind. Whether you’re on the mountain or making future plans, the new Wachusett Ski Area app lets you check in year-round and is available for iOS and Android.

Through the new app you can:

Alexa, What’s Up at Wachusett?

We’re taking our app abilities one step further with Alexa-enabled access. Smartphones, smart homes, and now smart slopes! Use your Alexa-connected device to interact with the Wachusett Mountain app and quickly access features like trail and lift counts as well as weather updates.

Two New Groomers

In case you missed it, we’ve got two new groomers making tracks and prepping the corduroy all over the mountain! Bison X is the official model name of these bad boys, and they’re already making winter waves working their magic.

GPS Snow Measurement

The job of our groomers is pretty straightforward: optimize snow conditions to keep the slopes pristine for skiers and snowboarders. Fortunately, our Bison X groomers are equipped with some pretty modern tech. GPS snow measurement capabilities makes measuring snow depths easier and more precise. 

New Digital Monitors for Our Cafeteria

Scratching snow fall numbers and hot chocolate prices on an old chalkboard has an old school rustic appeal to it. We’re not knocking tried-and-tested methods.

There’s just something crisp, clean, modern about digital monitors that brings more to the table on the mountain. That’s right, we’ve got new digital menus in our cafeteria! Take a look around the next time you’re grabbing a bite to eat, and check out our new menus and monitors! You might even find some snack options you didn’t know about…

RFID Ticketing

Lines? Where we’re going, we don’t need lines. That’s right, our new mountain tech makes it easy to breeze through the lines with RFID-enabled ticketing.

What this means is you can buy your ticket (either online or during a previous visit), make sure it’s in a pocket on your upper body, and a quick scan gets you through the gates and into a chair! No more digging through stacks of old tickets still dangling from your jacket!

We’re Livestreaming Night Race League

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Night Race League live streams for our nocturnal adrenaline junkies. Tune in to the action from the comfort of your cozy home. You can either check the races out live on YouTube or Facebook or catch a replay at the Coppertop Lounge Monday through Thursday nights!

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