Introducing Two New Members of the Wachusett Groomer Family

During your time on the slopes, did you ever stop to wonder where those beautifully carved snow paths came from? We’d love to say that they appeared on their own in some sort of magical, crop circle-esque sort of fantasy. But that’d be silly. Right?

Of course, the snow slopes running up and down Wachusett aren’t an accident. They’re made with hard work—and the right tools! And of all the tools we leverage every day, we’d like to introduce two new groomers to our skiers/riders: The PRINOTH® Bison X groomers.

What the heck is a groomer?

A groomer? Like a dog groomer?


Just as your favorite dog groomer styles your dog’s coat, our snow park groomers style the mountain’s coat to make sure that all our slopes are primed and ready for use.

Grooming machines run along the mountain’s paths to move, compact, or till the snowpack to create favorable skiing conditions like that beautiful corduroy we all love so much. In essence, groomers carve your skiing path ahead of time and ensure that the snow conditions across various hills, paths, and slopes are prepared.

Beautiful snow

Naturally, every ski resort needs groomers in its arsenal, particularly for mountains like Wachusett that have TONS of snow every year regardless of mother nature’s cooperation 😎. There’s no better way to make sure the slopes are always ready for action!

Awesome features, courtesy of your groomerS


Some of you might not care how the groomers work as long as they keep the mountains in tip-top shape. Fair enough, that’s reasonable. But if you’re like us, you might be a little curious about the power that these tools bring to the table. In particular, these Bison X groomers have a few cool features designed to improve safety and enhance the mountain experience for all of us:

  • GPS snow sensors for measuring snow depth remotely
  • Adaptable blade and tiller for carving intricate designs in the slopes, perfect for creating unique designs and jumps, curves, and ramps (Parks anyone?)
  • Heavy-duty climber tracks that let the groomer climb snowy paths at steep angles
  • Engine with economic fuel consumption and reduced emission output

These new groomers are just part of the mountain-wide revitalization efforts we’ll be undertaking over the coming seasons. It’s something we’re pretty excited about. So the next time you take a tumble down the slope, take a moment to appreciate the groomers that made it possible. Without them, we’re just sitting on a mountain and playing in the snow.

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