The Perfect Age To Start Skiing/Snowboarding: Your Age! (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we established the notion that there is no perfect age to learn to ski or snowboard. This holds true whether you’re nine years old or ninety-nine years old.

Your age should never stop you from appreciating the joys of learning to ski or snowboard. Fortunately, we’re here to make the journey from inexperienced first-timer to happy hilltop powder rider stress-free and fun.

Beginner learn to ski packages are a great way to step out of your winter weather comfort zone and into a pair of ski or snowboard boots!

Learning to Ski or snowboard as an Adult

Don’t overthink taking beginner lessons as an adult if you made it to middle age without donning a snowboard or a set of skis. You’re in good company! Plenty of adults get the bug to try out this popular sport every single year… in fact, so many that there is a holiday dedicated to it!

Learning to ski as an adult often means you’re ready for a new adventure (or your weekend ski pals have finally coaxed you onto the mountain). Don’t be afraid to ask questions, learn beginner tips from a seasoned instructor, or to take a spill.

There’s a good chance you’ll be a little sore after your first day. It comes with the territory, and it means that your adult muscles are working in ways they haven’t in a while.

Learning to Ski or snowboard as an Older Adult

Learn to ski after 60

Some older adults steer clear of on-the-mountain activities all together and believe that learning to ski late in life is a recipe for disaster. We promise that is not the case.

While there might be a higher risk of personal injury as you age, plenty of older adults choose skiing to stay in shape and enjoy their later years, not to mention the joy of being out in beautiful scenery and invigorating fresh air. In fact, learning to ski as an older adult is an excellent way to feel younger and stay healthy.

Like bicycling, swimming, or hiking, skiing as an older adult helps keep the body active and lets you enjoy the outdoors.

Learning to Ski or snowboard as a Family

Ski together as a family

The folks here at Wachusett believe there’s no better way to have fun with the whole family than to spend a day on the mountain. There’s something wholesome, endearing, and pleasantly exhausting about bundling up the family in warm winter wear and taking a group ski or snowboard lesson.

You’ll learn together, you’ll laugh together, and you’ll pizza and french fry together—on the snow and in the lodge.

Learning to ski as a family gives you a chance to try something new and create lasting memories. One lesson can lead to the next, and pretty soon you’re all seasoned regulars!

Return to Learn for More Fun!

Come back for more with Wachusett Mountain’s Return to Learn ski and snowboard packages. Refresh the skills you learned last season, whether you’re a kid or an adult, and bring your on-the-mountain prowess to the next level!

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