The Perfect Age To Start Skiing/Snowboarding: Your Age! (Part 1)

Let’s address the elephant on the mountain: There is no perfect age to start skiing.

Let this be your mantra—whether you’re in elementary school or you remember going to elementary school with Jimmy Carter—you’re ready to start learning the ropes and enjoying the slopes!

Learning to Ski as a Child

It’s pretty common on the mountain for a pint-sized shredder to zip past experienced skiers and riders on the mountain. It’s because those kids started young and fell in love.

Learning to ski or snowboard as a child is a guaranteed way for kids to assuage their fear of falling, get a feel for the winter-weather activities, and move past the basics with ease.

Immerse your child in a learning experience with a group of other eager first-time skiers through the Wachusett Polar Kids or Arctic Aces programs.

Learning to Ski as a Teen

Teenagers make rash decisions with gusto. At least, that’s the stereotype. What better way to take advantage of that gung-ho energy than strapping something slippery to your feet and speeding through a winter wonderland?

Jokes aside, learning to ski or snowboard as a teenager is a great way to have fun with friends and make the most of Wachusett Mountain in winter. At this age, you know the difference between pizza and french fries when it comes to ski basics, and you’re old enough to strike out on your own and enjoy some independence once those basics are under your belt.

Group lessons are a great way to enjoy a weekend with a bunch of friends or bring the whole family to the mountain.

Learning to Ski as a Young Adult

If you missed the opportunity to ski/ride as a child—or didn’t quite find your groove on the slopes as a teenager—learning to ski or snowboard as a young adult is the next best thing.

At this age, you know what you want and how best to go about achieving it, whether that’s life choices or on-the-mountain goals. That puts young adults in the perfect position to be optimistically cautious while still understanding and enjoying the fundamentals of learning to ski or snowboard.

Your First Ski/snowboard Lesson is An Open Invitation

What’s the mantra? There is no perfect age to start skiing or snowboarding. There’s no better time than the present to learn to ski or snowboard! 

Your first ski lesson—whether it’s at an early age, as a teenager, or as a young adult—is an open invitation from Wachusett Mountain. You’re always welcome to snap on skis or strap into a snowboard and learn how to master the slopes.

The great thing about learning how to ski or snowboard is that you’ll want more. We promise. Once the basics are established, you’ll be anxious to progress to the next level and get a little more adventurous on the mountain. That’s when things really get fun.

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