New To Skiing Or Snowboarding? Your Adventure Is Just Beginning!

Here at Wachusett, we love our beginner skiers and snowboarders. There’s something infectious about the excitement of getting out on the mountain for the first time, and there’s nothing better than getting a group of friends together to gear up and tumble down the slopes—on your feet or otherwise!

We like to think of your skiing/riding journey as an adventure. And like any adventure, you’ll learn some amazing things along the way, provided you tackle your journey with a plan.

The Best Place to Start: Beginner SKI/SNOWBOARD Programs

We recommend starting with a simple, stress-free beginner’s skiing and snowboarding course to acquaint you with the basics. Skiing and snowboarding aren’t complicated by any means, but between the gear, the techniques, and the whole shebang of getting up to the mountain in the first place, there are certainly a few things you’ll need to know! Our beginner packages are designed to give you a gentle introduction to the world of skiing:

  • Learn about skiing gear, equipment, and clothing (rental fees included in package price).
  • Get familiar with Wachusett Mountain, the best slopes for beginners, and how to ride the ski lift.
  • Start practicing the basics with tailored group instruction programs, perfect for families, groups of friends, and anyone just starting out.

As a beginner, learning to ski or snowboard might sound intimidating, but don’t worry! These programs are made to provide all of the foundational skills you’ll need to join in the fun.

Building Your Skills: Group and Private Lessons

Are you acquainted with the basics already? Or are you just interested in a little personalized instruction? Those wanting to push their skills may be interested in the group and private lesson packages we offer at Wachusett. These lesson plans offer a more personalized approach for meeting your skiing goals:

  • Group plans involve grouping riders by skill and age to help all participants advance their abilities in the best possible way.
  • Private lessons, as you might expect, are personalized instruction where you and your instructor can really dig down and build on your own unique skills.

Taking It to The Next Level: Break Thru Clinics

Do you look back fondly on your days as a beginner skier or snowboarder? Are you struggling to push past the blocks holding you back? If so, consider taking things to the next level with our Break Thru Clinics.

This program is designed for adults at the intermediate level, particularly those struggling to hone their skills. The break thru clinic is a multi-class program where you’ll receive personalized instruction on your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. You’ll learn more advanced techniques to boost your performance and get insider tips on how to get the most out of your equipment.

These are a few of the programs we offer to help you along in your skiing or snowboarding adventure, but don’t feel like you have to go all out immediately! Skiing and boarding are all about fun, so take things at your own pace. With a little practice and a little help, you’ll be skiing or shredding down the slope in no time. 

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