Your Season Passes: Is It Better To Buy Early?

The summer’s done and the weather is cool down, which means one thing: Ski season is on its way!

To kick off the unofficial beginning of the fall, let’s talk about what you’ll need to get yourself ready for the ski season. First and foremost on your checklist? Your season pass!

Get Your Pass Early

Why not jump start the winter season by getting your pass early?

After all, you’ll be on the slopes before you know it this year, and getting those passes locked down ahead of time will bring you one step closer to the powder.

But peace of mind isn’t the only reason to buy early. Wachusett offers discounted season pass rates for skiers who purchase before 10/16/19—up to $100 off per pass. Not a bad deal!

(Though you may end up pouring those savings right back into one of Our famous mountainside eateries – and if so, we wouldn’t blame you for a second.)

Wachusett Season Passes

But a season pass isn’t just about securing access for the rest of the season at a discounted price. There are other benefits as well:

We offer four levels of season passes to suit skiers of all abilities, from beginners to black diamond pros to weekend warriors.


  • Price – $599 per adult, $359 per junior/senior
  • Unlimited slope access. Ski, snowboard, and shred as often as you want without restriction!


  • Price – $349
  • Ski every weekday (M-F) and any night you want
  • Exclusive slope access – weekends before 12/23 and after 2/23
  • Additional $20 discount off weekend/holiday tickets


  • Price – $299 per adult, $279 per junior/senior
  • Ski every weekday (M-F) and any night you want
  • Valid every weekend and vacation period
  • Additional $15 discount off weekend/holiday tickets


  • Price – $459
  • Valid every weekend and vacation period
  • Additional $15 discount off mid-week lift tickets

And if you’re a returning guest with an EZ Ski Card from previous seasons, you can renew your pass with just a few clicks. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Gifts That Keep on Giving

We encourage all you skiers out there to explore your options early and get your friends involved! We offer further discounted rates for groups, including some great incentives for group organizers. The more people you pull together, the better your rate.

Even if your friends aren’t exactly ski-savvy, they don’t need to miss out on the fun. You can gift a season pass, it’s a great way to get those alpine rookies out there on the slopes. Once they’ve become seasoned skiers in their own right, they’ll have you to thank! Plus you’ll have a new friend to meet on snow days… Yet another excuse to hit the slopes!

Remember, you’ll get the best rates by getting in on the action early. Get your friends together, do a little planning, and start getting ready for a great winter season. 

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