Get Paid to Ski or Snowboard!! No, Really!

We skiers/riders are a special group of people. Other people (summer lovers) think we’re crazy for voluntarily (and happily) heading out into the cold, but really, we’re just a passionate bunch who love to get geared up, head out into the cold and have the best kind of day – a day on the slopes! And anyone of us who LOVE to ski or ride has at one time or another dreamed of being an instructor. I mean, what could be better? Getting paid not just to ski/ride, but also getting professional training and improving your own skills at the same time!

Think about it, what if you could double your days on the slopes next year and feel responsible about it 😉? Imagine having a responsible, reasonable, respectable reason to head to the mountain and ski/ride every week or every day? It really doesn’t get better than that – Oh, wait, actually it does – As part of the Wachusett Instructor Training Course you also get all these sweet benefits:

Benefits You’ll Receive

  • Get paid to Ski and Ride (no, you’re not dreaming)
  • Discounts at our Retail Shop and Food Areas
  • Discounts for other skiing services
  • Discounts at other area mountains
  • Outerwear Uniform provided
  • In-Season Clinics and Training Sessions

What You’ll Learn

As a graduate of the Wachusett Instructor Training Course, you will improve your personal skiing and riding skills while you learn to teach others and instill your passion for the sport. The instruction covers much more than just how to teach beginners to do the pizza, we’ll also be working on your skills! Making sure they are sharp and ready for whatever comes through the ski school doors! All types and levels of skiers and riders come to us to take their own riding up a notch. We have beginner, intermediate, expert and even competition based programs, and we’ll need to be sure our instructors (like you) are up to the task.

Get paid to ski or ride

If you truly love the sport like we do, there is nothing more satisfying than helping someone grow in a shared passion, whether that’s helping a beginner make their first turns or an advanced rider tackle a new terrain, feature or challenge. The course includes discussions, demonstrations, and video of the American Teaching System of the Professional Ski and Snowboard Associations of America.  Evaluations will be held at the end of the course, where you get to show off all your new skills!

Schedule & Format

  • 7-session course
  • Starts Sunday, Nov. 10th, 9 AM – 1 PM
  • Runs every Saturday & Sunday 9 AM – 3 PM through Dec. 1st
  • Certified course conductors will be on hand to discuss procedures, class handling, training preparations, and general information.
  • This is not a National Ski or Snowboard Association certification course but it is a necessary first step if that is your goal

Sign up today and SAVE $30 before August 1st. November will be here before you know it!

Wachusett instructor training course

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