Get Outside For Your Next Company Outing – Here’s Why

Corporate retreats play an important role in keeping your team focused—but who said they had to be all about work?

Rather than booking another run-of-the-mill convention center for your next retreat, why not look for something a little more fun? Believe it or not, Wachusett Mountain may just be the perfect way to bring some thrills to your next company outing.

You’re inside all year—it’s time to get out

Group kayak sessions

We all know that long hours cooped up inside can be tough on our bodies. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods on a regular basis is linked with a number of health concerns, including obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

But fortunately, a little fun in the sun on the mountain might be just the remedy you and your team need. Current research suggests that spending time outdoors can actually offer big boosts to our health that you might not expect. And experts from the American Psychological Association are quick to point out the restorative benefits of spending more time in nature.

In our view, this is reason enough to consider a more active approach to a corporate outing. Instead of meeting your team in another sterile, fluorescently-lit conference room, why not talk business out on the mountain slopes? In the winter we offer a variety of lesson plans for skiers and riders of all skill levels that can bring an exciting new element to your company outing. In the warmer months, we have all kinds of activities, from zip lines to kayaks… whatever your speed, we have you covered.

There’s no off-season on the mountain

Nature beer!

Okay. Technically there is. But even if you aren’t skiing, there’s plenty of awesome activities at Wachusett that can add some spice to your company outing:

  • Summertime clambakes, barbecues, and catered buffets;
  • Themed fall festivals, with activities, food, music, and live entertainment;
  • Spacious grounds and custom tented areas, perfect for outdoor gatherings.

Whether you want to plan a private event, or let your team join in the fun of our famous festivals, we’ll be ready for you.

Amenities you won’t find anywhere else

The amenities at Wachusetts Mountain are unlike anything else you’ve seen in a mountainside resort.

For example, we highly recommend our Slope SkyBoxes for smaller corporate outings. We like to think of these as having your own living room right on the mountain. These magnificently-appointed rooms offer a variety of in-suite services, though the real stars are the outdoor decks, each offering a gorgeous view of the Wachusett mountain slopes.

Use the in-room Wi-Fi and HDMI-enabled flat screen TVs to get down to business, and when you’re ready for a break, you’re only steps away from the crisp, clean mountain air—the perfect way to center yourself between meetings.

And this is only the beginning of the amenities—and activities—you’ll find at Wachusett. Our accommodations can match any type of corporate outing you need, whether you’re bringing just a few employees or the whole team. Give us a call today and let’s start planning your perfect event!

And with plenty of food options on-site, you’ll be able to keep your team focused, whether it’s an early morning caffeine fix at Balance Rock Coffee Company or a late evening nightcap at the Coppertop Lounge.

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