Off Season? What’s That?

Gone are the days of ski resorts closing down once Spring has sprung. It seems crazy that there was ever a time where that was the norm, but then again it seems crazy to think about your only access to a phone being a landline at your home ;-). Times change, along with traditions, norms, and expectations. Change is a good thing, change brings about growth and opens up the possibility to celebrate new traditions and create new norms.

Here at Wachusett, we embrace this change… we have for years. Gone are the days of a quiet, lonely ski lodge waiting in rest until the next season’s flakes start to fall. When the sounds of summer consisted only of lift maintenance and groundskeeping. Nope, at Wachusett we make sure to keep the fun flowing through every season, hosting all sorts of events and making the most out of everything the mountain has to offer – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall! There is so much fun to be had, plus, we’d miss you all too much not to keep the party going all year long.

We keep things pretty diverse and pack our calendar with something for everyone, family events, kids events, outdoor events, indoor events, craft beer events, foodie events, action events, yoga events, craft events, car shows, local business events, you name it, you like it, we got it!

Check out what’s coming up in June, pick your favorite… we’ll see you there!

June 1

Cool Cars & Coffee

Sponsored by the Getchell Companies. A car show featuring old classics, new classics, foreign and muscle cars, with a DJ, food, and prizes!  Leads right into AMC Trails Fest after the show.


AMC Trails Fest

In the spirit of National Trails Day, we bring together Worcester County’s outdoor community and celebrate ALL trails – hiking trails, bike paths, waterways, climbing routes, and more!


June 8-9

The North Face Endurance Challenge

Wachusett Mountain creates the setting for this race where on a clear day features views of Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire, the Berkshires to the west, and the Boston Skyline to the east. Runners will navigate the trails of Wachusett Mountain, summiting on multiple occasions before hopping on the Midstate Trail to Leominster State Forest home of scenic ridgelines and lakeshore views. The terrain ranges from rolling unpaved fire roads to more technical, single track and multi-use trails. Distances vary from 50 miles, 50K, Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K.


June 13

Vino & Vinyasa

Join us for a evening of relaxing yoga followed by an informational wine tasting! Treat yourself to a healthy indulgence and a night of fun with friends


June 15

Vanessa Marcotte 5K

Annual 5k race in memory of Vanessa Marcotte to support the Vanessa Marcotte Foundation. The foundation strives to achieve their goals of creating a world where women are free from objectification and harassment.


Pretty exciting, right? And we’re just getting the summer season started! If you’re looking for fun things to do in New England, we have tons more great events planned from now until the Fall. If you want to plan ahead check out our event calendar for the full list.

Prefer to create your own one of a kind event? Awesome.
Let’s get to work on your special day.

Corporate events at Wachusett

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