Winter Is Over—Bring On The Spring Skiing and Riding!

The sun’s out, the snow is melting, and you probably think skiing/riding season is over, right?

No way!

Spring doesn’t mark the end of the Wachusett ski season. If anything, spring is one of the best times to hit the mountain, especially if you’re ready for that warm Spring skiing sunshine!

Advantages of Spring skiing over Winter

We tend to think of skiing and snowboarding as winter sports because, well, they are. But us diehards have a secret, as it turns out, the early spring months can be the perfect time to hit the slopes, particularly for beginners and those interested in spending a little more time outdoors and off the couch.

The Snow Is Better

Beautiful snow

The warmer weather of March and April offer a real fun twist and some of the most perfect conditions for skiing. Winter is on its way out, and things are warming up, but there’s still plenty of snowfall to keep the mountain fresh. In fact, March regularly brings snowfall to the northeast, despite the warmer temperatures. This blend of fresh powder and snowmelt creates a soft snow consistency that many beginners prefer over the hard pack of deep-winter snow.

Ski/ride In Comfort

The snow is easier to manage, but that’s only the beginning. Most spring skiers find the warmer months to be more comfortable across the board.

Forget bundling up in your winter best. In spring, you can ditch the layers and ski in comfort. It’s common to see skiers barreling down the slopes in t-shirts and tank tops. Heck, you can wear just about anything you want, particularly during spring activities like the April Pond Skim, where we encourage guests to dress in their wackiest costumes and hit the slope.

On top of all that, spring means longer days—meaning more hours of sunlight, and more mileage out of each pass you buy.

Mountainside Recreation

Sun and beer, spring is here!

Wachusett Mountain has a great selection of après-ski activities that are easier to enjoy during the warm season. Locals will be familiar with O’Brien’s Deck Bar and Grill, the perfect place to grab a drink and lounge in the sun after a few hours of skiing. If you’re a season pass holder, be sure to catch our Season Pass Holder Appreciation Weekend, occurring each year at the end of March.

Plus, we regularly host live music and other events for our guests, so make sure you’re planning your trips accordingly! For skiers/riders 21+, we recommend checking out our Brewery Beer Dinner, where you’ll get a taste of Wachusett Brewery’s limited released paired with some amazing cheeses from Cabot Creamery.

There’s Still Plenty of Time to Ski

So, summing it all up, what’s the bottom line? Spring skiing offers all the fun of skiing in winter but with better weather conditions that make things a little more comfortable. In short, you can go skiing and actually enjoy the weather rather than dressing for it. If you’re interested in trying out warm weather skiing for yourself, check out Wachusett’s Rest of Season Passes. This is the easiest and most affordable way to get out on the slopes and enjoy the mountain from now until the end of the season.

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