We Love It When The News Is Good News (And We’re In It)!!

We’ve been getting a lot of attention lately and we’re really grateful and super proud to be a part of all the good stuff happening around New England. The mountain is here for you, we like to look at Wachusett as a way to beat the winter blues! A place to go when you need to get up off that couch and enjoy the crisp winter air and have some fun, either by yourself or with friends and family. There is no wrong way to enjoy the mountain (except from home 😉). Get bundled up and come on over and get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.

It means the world to us that folks around the community take notice and help spread the word about skiing/riding and all the fun it brings so many families all winter long!

~Carolyn Stimpson

Recently, we’ve been lucky enough to have been visited by SnoCountry, The Rhode Show, The Mountain Report, and Fox 25 and they all made a bunch of cool videos to share! We were also visited by the New England Ski Journal and you can read this awesome article from them too!

Check out some of our recent stories:

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