Did you know Cupid loves to ski?

Yup, it’s true. There is nothing the little cherub likes better (after making sure all is well with true love in the world) than catching some hot laps! His favorite spot? You guessed it, right here at Wachusett!

In honor of Valentine’s day (and the little man), we’re throwing a party. This Thursday, Valentines Day, Wachusett is the best place to be! Whether you have your true love or you’re still looking (he/she may be right here on the slopes waiting for you).

We’re featuring live music, entertainment, and special discounts so mark your calendars or better yet, secure 50% off 7-10pm tickets now! Just use coupon code CUPID at checkout.

Heres what we have planned:

  • T-Bar Singles Special 7-10pm  (View Dessert Specials)
  • Meet and Mingle over specialty drinks and apps (View Drink Specials)
  • KISS 108 Street Team Appearance 6-9pm 
  • Polar Beverages Valentine Samples and Games 
  • Live in the Coppertop with Mike Leach & Kim Merkel 8-10pm 
  • Three Course Dinner Special in the Black Diamond $25 each (View Menu)

50% off Lift Tickets from 7-10pm with code CUPID at checkout 

Bullock Lodge Sweetheart Run 7-9pm 

  • Complimentary Petit Fours (while supplies last) 
  • Cozy outdoor fire pit 
  • Hot indoor wood stove 
  • Live acoustic guitar player Michael Greene 7-9pm

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