The Robots Have Arrived… And They Are Awesome!

The Montana Challenge arrived here at Wachusett during the offseason and it’s been optimizing skis and boards ever since! As soon as we got acquainted we knew we had to rename this bad boy and we are psyched to introduce everyone to Big Blue Zoom! It’s BIG, it’s blue and it’s fast!

BBZ brings state of the art technology to the mountain, making sure your skis and boards are in tip-top shape. Whether you’re a racer or a weekend cruiser just having fun, properly tuned gear makes sure you get the most of your day on the slopes. And speaking of your day on the slopes, we know that is where you want to be! Blues high technology allows our techs to perform complete tune-ups in minutes rather than the hours of yesteryear. Heading in for a break? No problem, stop by and get tuned up!

Check out some more advantages Big Blue gives us:

  • PowerVac system for the suction of all ski and snowboard surfaces
  • Automatic stone grinding with pressure curve for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard
  • Racing ski mode with computer-controlled speed curve
  • Double-sided edge grinding with pressure curve
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment for the side edges
  • Base-beveling High-Tech Tuning (HTT) of the side edges
  • Integrated remote servicing module

We aren’t just talking about a one trick pony either! Oh no, Big Blue is an all in one kind of robot and can perform a complete tune with sharpened edges and a stone grind of your base bringing your gear back to the way it was when it was brand new!

There is nothing superficial about Blue’s work, you will feel the difference on your first run. We’re talking faster gliding and increased edge hold so you can dig into those turns with renewed confidence! Let the fun begin!

For all of our racers out there, Big Blue allows us to perform many different edge degree and base pattern options, so feel free to drop in and ask about your specific needs.

Of course, we still offer a bunch of options as every skier/rider has different needs. The best thing to do is stop by and let one of our friendly techs talk you through what your gear needs.

Here is a rundown of our different tune-up services:

  • The Works – $49.95
  • Zoom Tune – $64.95
  • Gold Metal – $84.95
  • Pit Stop – $21.95
  • Sharp & Smooth – $34.95
  • Adjust & Test – $21.95
  • Hand Wax – $19.95
  • Wax Only – $9.95

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