Way More Snow Than You Know!

Here at Wachusett, we have worked very hard to have a unique problem… We have way more snow than people think! We suffer from “I can see my lawn, the mountain must be closed” syndrome. Since 1969, we have been investing in and building our snowmaking prowess. Through some recent major upgrades, we are happy to say now that we employ some of the best technologies on any mountain anywhere! With a whole new pumphouse and brand new equipment from HKD Snowmakers, we are always working to maintain deep, high-quality snow – even when your yard is bare and your shovels are bored…

Nowadays, were moving almost 9000 gallons of water per minute up the mountain and out the sprayers as the cherished white stuff! This gives us the capacity to make snow on all three lift systems at the same time.

Even when your lawn is bare, our slopes are full of snow!

Come down and check it out for yourself, we’re betting we have waaay more snow than you know ;-).

We’re so confident in our snowmaking we offer and stand behind our Unconditional Conditions Guarantee! We are so sure you’ll love the conditions, we guarantee them! If you don’t like the snow, bring your ticket to the Customer Service Desk within the first hour of purchase and we’ll credit you equal value for a future visit.

See you soon!

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