How To Dress For the Weather: Winter In New England

In New England, the weather is pretty unpredictable. That being said, dressing appropriately can be somewhat of a challenge, especially on the slopes. Good news: Wachusett has ski lockers for shedding layers and the outline below will have you dressed for anything Old Man Winter can throw at you. From a Nor’easter to a bluebird 60 degree day, MTNside Ski & Ride (the onsite shop at Wachusett) has you covered (literally).



  • For your base, a thermal and sweat-wicking top and bottom layer is a game changer. Brands like Under Armor, Smartwool and Snow Angel are available in the shop. They’ll keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. These layers should fit snugly but leave room for easy movement.
  • Thin but warm socks, are ideal for a wide range of temps. The selection of Smartwool socks at MTNside are some of the best options on the market.



  • The great thing about layers is you can always take them off. Fleece-lined, long hoodies are the way to go for keeping your core cozy.
  • If it’s exceptionally frigid, a pair of warm but thin sweatpants might also be a good call.
  • Don’t forget the neck warmer; it’s a game changer. MTNside keeps Blackstrap thermal hoods and neck gators in stock for those extra chilly days.
Base Layers


  • A water resistant, long jacket with a hood will keep you dry on the slopes. Add a high thermal rating and a snow skirt to that and you’re in business. Waterproof, lined snow pants are an extremely worthwhile investment. Make sure they don’t fit too tight; you want to be able to move comfortably while skiing and riding. MTNside has a ton of great options for you, including The North Face, Karbon and Mountain Hardwear.
  • Depending in your helmet, you may or may not have room for a thin hat underneath. Your helmet does more than keep your head protected, it keeps you warm, too. See a staff member to ensure the fit of your helmet is correct.
  • Goggles are essential to keeping your face warm and your sight clear. Orange or yellow lenses are recommended for nighttime skiing. Check the rating on lenses and wear darker lenses on sunnier days.
  • Waterproof mittens or gloves with a high thermal rating will keep your hands toasty. For more warmth, mittens tend to keep the heat in better.
  • Ski and/or snowboard boots are available as well. Rent, buy or rent to own.

Now that you know how to dress the part, it’s time to grab your pals and head to Wachusett Mountain for some winter fun. Don’t forget to stop in the shop and grab all the gear you need first. Buy your lift tickets and/or ski school packages online for the biggest discounts. No gear? No problem. Rentals are available at unbeatable prices, right at the base of the mountain. See you on the slopes!

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